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Commercial HVAC Testing & Balancing

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The desire to move forward in our profession is felt by many testing and balancing professionals. While some of those earning NBC certification do so to advance beyond their NCI residential and light commercial certification, many others are adding to, or moving  from older, more established balancing certifications to take advantage of new opportunities and new ideas to develop the consulting aspect of their balancing business.  Most of all, they want to get back to basics.

Many have been commercial balancers for a decade or more and have found our certification more suitable to the culture they have developed in their companies. This new culture and the practices that sustain it, implement pre-remodel testing, partnering with facilities managers and engineers to facilitate swift and effective improvement in building performance, energy consumption and comfort system performance.

In too many instances air and water balancing has declined to a “match-the-numbers” trade. A large percentage of the work is often completed by untrained laborers that simply adjust dampers and balancing valves to get passable numbers on a report. Actual testing of systems with CFM and GPM matching the plans often finds them operating at 60% or less of capacity.

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NBC TrainingNBC training is the cornerstone of this new organization. Click Here to learn why these courses can make a difference in commercial balancing.
Practical Standards
NBC StandardsClick Here to learn more about NBC's practical standards and they change the way contractors test and balance the HVAC systems they test.
Professional Certification
Click Here for a preliminary invitation &NBC Certification application to the most exciting group to hit the Balancing industry in 25 years. Each Commercial HVAC contracting business may submit candidate for consideration as a Certified Balancing Supervisors.
NBC Application
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